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After spinning out of the University in 2018 as Xampla, our expert team worked to scale up our plant-based natural polymers and production processes. Now Xampla has launched Morro, its first consumer brand to make it even easier for brands and consumers alike to choose sustainable products.

Meet Morro

Morro offers a range of plastic free, plant-based materials that are strong, natural and fully biodegradable to protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet.

Designed to make it easier for brands and consumers alike to produce and choose sustainable products, Morro makes it simple.

Working in partnership with global brands, Morro enables scalable and reliable plastic-free solutions for films, coatings and microcapsules using abundant plant-based feedstocks.

A range of high performing, drop-in materials that work with existing manufacturing processes and equipment, Morro puts the power to do good in everyone’s hands. Exceeding biodegradability industry standards, our plant-based material decomposes naturally, without harming the environment.

Morro launch applications include:

Morro Coating

Morro Coating is a plant-based replacement for traditional paper and cardboard coatings. This material is an alternative to petrochemical-based or fluorochemical coatings, reducing not only plastic, but removing ‘forever chemicals’ from food packaging. The fully biodegradable and home compostable material is safe for food contact and offers high strength, grease and oxygen barrier properties.

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Morro Edible Film

Made just from plants, Morro Edible Film is a fully biodegradable replacement for polluting plastic films. Morro Edible Film is also vegan and gluten free; suitable as a wrapper for a range of food products or as innovative ‘cook-in’ packaging, meaning consumers benefit from an entirely new experience: packaging you can actually eat.

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Morro Micro

Morro Micro is a plastic free, completely biodegradable, alternative to traditional plastic microcapsules used to encapsulate materials used for fragrance and other active ingredients in liquids and lotions. Our patented technology allows Morro Micro to be produced using existing industrial processes and tuned to offer a range of release profiles.

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Morro Nutri

Morro Nutri is a breakthrough for food and drink fortification, delivering additional health benefits to food and beverages. Using micro-packaging technology, Morro Nutri protects vitamins and nutrients from degradation caused by UV light, pH and heat shock by encasing them in an edible layer of plant protection. This is achieved by encapsulating microscopic droplets of vitamins and nutrients in our plant-based material.

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Morro Soluble Film

Morro Soluble Film is a plant-based replacement for traditional water-soluble films, such as PVOH. The natural material has the high-strength properties and oxygen barriers needed to protect home and personal care products. Morro Soluble Film is heat sealable and compatible with standard film-forming and flow-wrapping equipment.

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