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Natural Materials

Our breakthrough technology works with existing manufacturing processes and equipment to deliver natural and biodegradable materials that replace the most polluting plastics.
Good for business and the planet.

Our Mission

Hidden plastics in thousands of personal and homecare products are washed into waste water systems everyday. An estimated 855 billion single-use sachets are produced globally each year and cannot be economically recycled.

Xampla’s world-first Morro™ materials are drop-in, high-performance replacements for the world’s most polluting plastics. At the end of their life, our materials can even be ‘bio-assimilated’ as food for microorganisms in the soil, effectively turning packaging into fertiliser.

The technology is a triple-win for the environment. We cut greenhouse gas emissions by cutting plastic production; we make efficient use of agricultural and plant waste products as feedstock; and we eliminate plastic pollution.

Brands and consumers alike are crying out for materials that offer the same protective properties as plastic, without damaging the planet. Xampla’s mission is to deliver on that demand.

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Our Technology

Inspired by nature, Xampla’s Morro materials feature high strength and flexibility, making them an ideal substitute for plastic in multiple commercial applications.

Our technology is highly scalable and offers a drop-in solution compatible with existing manufacturing processes for single-use plastics and microplastics.

Xampla’s Morro materials are produced from natural plant-based feedstocks with no further chemical modification, enabling them to biodegrade completely and quickly after use for a ‘perfect end of life’.

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Our Products

Xampla’s resin can be processed to make a wide range of products, including Morro Coating, Morro Edible Film, Morro Micro, Morro Nutri, and Morro Soluble Film.

Building on our patented platform technology, Xampla’s natural and biodegradable Morro materials can replace plastics across multiple high-volume commercial applications, ranging from microplastics within homecare products to edible packaging for the food and beverage industry.

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Working With Us

Xampla’s industry leading teams work with brands, manufacturers and converters to design, develop, and prototype innovative products and applications.

We work with existing supply chains and existing installed machinery to deliver a drop-in solution for flexible films, coatings and microparticles.

By combining our scientific expertise with decades of industry experience to develop and scale-up new products, we deliver a seamless transition from the polluting plastics of the past to our natural alternatives.

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