Environmental Policy

1. Purpose
Xampla and its brand, Morro, offer a range of plastic free, plant-based materials that are strong, natural and fully biodegradable that protect and deliver products and ingredients without harming the planet. Our materials eliminate the most polluting plastics and enable companies to meet changing consumer and regulatory requirements, where single-use plastic and intentionally added microplastics are becoming restricted. Xampla was the UK’s first University spin-out to become a certified B Corp company recognising our commitment to our mission to address plastic pollution, and to balance profit with purpose. We are committed to improving the environment, both through our products and our actions, and as a demonstration of our commitment to this we have implemented an Environmental Management System (“EMS”) in accordance with ISO 14001:2015.

2. Scope
This policy applies to all employees. This policy is non-contractual and does not form part of an employee’s contract of employment. This policy may be amended or withdrawn at any time.

3. Policy Statement
Through our environmental policy we wish to communicate our commitment to the protection of the environment, endeavouring to limit adverse effects in the environment in which it operates, ensuring that it meets all relevant compliance obligations and its operations are acceptable internationally.

Xampla’s Management Team and employees are committed to running the business in such a way that will, as far as possible, prevent pollution and support environmental protection. This will be achieved by the elimination or minimisation of waste and pollution, with due regard to all legislation, consents and controls. Xampla will set specific Environmental Objectives and targets relating to the company’s environmental goals and its EMS. These Objectives and targets are reviewed using Xampla’s Internal Audit and Management Review processes.

4. Our Environment
Xampla’s Management Team identifies, reviews, evaluates and implements such legislation, as well as relevant statutory regulations and professional requirements that impact upon its business operations and considers all relevant environmental issues when making decisions impacting on their work. All employees are made aware of our collective and any individual responsibilities for and commitment to acting in accordance with Xampla’s Environmental Policy, whilst working to continually improve its EMS. Xampla is also committed to minimising any disturbance to the local environment and resources of the communities in which the company operates, including the presentation of its own premises.

In determining the Scope of our EMS we have considered our compliance obligations, the needs and expectations of our interested parties and the context of our organisation, which are detailed above. The scope of our EMS is “The design and supply of plant-based materials to replace single-use plastics and to provide a new functionality for ingredient protection”. We will seek to apply our EMS to our suppliers and customers where we have the authority and ability to control and influence them.

This policy is communicated to all staff, its suppliers, sub-contractors and any other interested parties (i.e. clients, stakeholders etc.), as well as to the public on request. We want our goals in respect of the environment to be shared as far as possible, and for everyone who deals with us to be aware of them.

Signed: Pete Hutton, Chairman

29 September, 2023